To achieve at greater levels, it is crucial that leaders master the forces within their personalities that drive – and often undermine – their success. Effective leaders also need extraordinary interpersonal skill. Four Portals to Power gives leaders the guidance they need – in language that is clear, logical and precise. Drawing on his extensive experience as a Ph.D.-level psychologist, Dean Herman provides:

  • Penetrating psychological wisdom that will fundamentally shift how you see others, yourself and your actions – so that you can calibrate how you “show up” and elicit from others the support you need.
  • Precise solutions for mastering the forces within your personality that are diluting your impact – and damaging your relationships.
  • Exquisite maps and an overall system that will guide you, moment by moment, in your personal and leadership transformation.

This invaluable guide to self-mastery and interpersonal mastery will show you, step by step, how to magnify your personal power – so that you can make your greatest contributions.

As I followed the [book’s] steps, I found myself on a path carrying me beyond what I had thought was possible. Amazing!! Patrick Hubbard, Vice President, Treadwell & Rollo